Sometimes you have to rest, sometimes you have to let go of your dreams and sometimes you have to push forward for what you heart wants the most. That is the funny thing about life….it changes day by day! For me one day I want to scream and cry because I hurt so bad and other days I am so determined to get through my classes that I can just feel hitting the “end” button for the very last time!

Life is emotional, life is draining, life is stressful but life is your life! Life is what you make of it…not matter the barriers you have to climb! I have learned that because of my invisible disease barriers, I have to push twice as hard, want my degree twice as hard and be determined to finish! But I am not alone in having to push! Maybe you are hurting from something else, exhausted because of something else, or just drained because of something else.

We often feel sometimes that we have to compare ourselves to some one else, and the truth is….we do not have to compare ourselves to anyone. Because our journey is our journey! So sometimes you need to stop and go “THIS IS MY JOURNEY” and I will “LIVE, BREATH, AND BE HAPPY!”

I know sometimes I have done that and especially so this week! I am finally DONE with my paper! My term will close tomorrow and I am so happy! This journey has been rough, but wow what I have learned. Off to rest and get ready for class tomorrow night but the awesome thing is that by this time tomorrow my summer 2012 term will be OVER!!!

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