Last Day – Aiming to Finish Strong

Last day of the summer!!! YAY! It has been a good relaxing day although at the same time bittersweet. Nine weeks ago Cohort 27 did not know what their summer would hold with three doctoral classes. Trust me this summer has grown us, challenged us, and really made us think about our determination to finish. We have gone through such a journey, and that journey has brought us closer. Even more so now, we are growing into a family of future doctors!

The day was bittersweet because yet another door was closed in my face; however, instead of letting the closed door get me down I have decided that I need to just view it as not the right door! This also points to feelings I have been having now for awhile, that there will be major changes coming in the future. I am learning to be patient, and I am learning to work harder.

For today, I am going to enjoy finishing this term! I am going to enjoy coming home tonight and sleeping! And I am going to enjoy getting on step closer to being a Dr. 🙂

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