A letter


It has been four years since I last heard your voice. Wow seems like forever! Some things I am glad you missed, like all the medical drama of the past few years! Yes that drama has been annoying much less expensive!

I haven’t moved (imagine that), I’m active in church (you would be proud) and I have become the student who isn’t failing grammar every year like I did growing up! I actually made it through a 60hr masters program with all A’s…you would have been proud!

Now it is on to one more degree, my last one…probably my last one! But dad there are days I just wish I could call you up and say hi! Days I wish I could hear you talk about mom and life! Times we would swap gross and grosser medical stories.

I miss seeing you at work in the hospital! I miss patients coming to the house and asking for you! I miss our home back in Honduras. I even miss the driving, yes it was really bad but it is still home! But home home hasn’t felt like home since you are gone. I actually haven’t gone back…it just seems weird to think about it. I think back to my bedroom, going by your desk on the way to bed! Every night giving you a bedtime hug and kiss. Gosh I should have treasured those moments more! Now I would give a lot to do that again!

I know you are happy where you are, you are not hurting anymore. Your suffering is gone and for that I am thankful! You suffered so much there at the end, I’m happy you are free from that pain.

But I miss you daddy, more some days than others. So for now I guess I will sleep picturing in my mind walking by your desk once more and seeing you play solitaire on your computer. I will come up behind you, peck your cheek and say “night night daddy, I love you”

One thought on “A letter

  1. That’s such a nice letter to your father. I know exactly how you feel! My Dad has been gone since 1978 but I still miss him like it was yesterday. I don’t think you ever get over the loss of your mom and dad. I was also “Daddy’s little girl.” 🙂

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