The little things

Today was a restful, rainy day! We went to a wonderful Sunday school class and our pastor spoke a wonderful message! My husband of almost three years said we needed to go on a date!

I will say one hard hard thing of being a professional student (I.e., doctoral student) is that instead of your spouse, home, cooking etc. taking priority…..writing papers, researching, and studying become the priority! It sucks because for 3-4 years your spouse sits and watches you study, reads papers to help you edit, cleans the house because you have zero time and pretty much gets used to going to bed alone!

Soooo when I’m on break I try to take some time and make it all about my hubby! So today we went on PF Chang’s and had some wonderful soup and food. Great atmosphere and it was fun to not have to rush to do homework.

Then to top off our date, my hunny decided to give me a rose! I love it, he as always did a good job!

Now we are off to visit with an amazing friend of ours! Hoping for energy and a great time


One thought on “The little things

  1. That’s so great that you realize how important your spouse or partner is and that they also need encouragement and to let them know what they do is important also, and that they are the top priority in your life. 🙂

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