Day Off

So today is a day off for me! I usually spend most of Wednesday at my campus, getting ready for class and then in class about 6.5hrs. in the evening. BUT with classes being over as of last week I am able to spend today just resting/relaxing and enjoying being at home. Sooo my mountain to do with my day off is the mountain of laundry that has accumulated since I started summer school!

The things that get shoved to the side when you are in school  – laundry, cleaning, dusting, etc. etc. So that is what I will do today. Hopefully I will get my house into a nice condition so that during my 16 week fall semester….things will not get tooo bad!

The journey of being in school is fun..but stressful! If you are me and you like a clean house…it is even more stressful! The thing I have realized though is I have to move around, I have to take breaks from studying and staying active (some sort of exercise) is critical. I am working hard to watch what I eat, make sure I keep moving and rest/relax for an hour or two a day. You have to! You have to rest and take care of yourself! You have to be healthy!

So I’m going to read a book for a little bit and take breaks to reload my wash machine! This will be a whole day project! 🙂

Ahhh….ok getting up! 🙂

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