Simple May Be Just That

Sometimes we try to take a small thing and make it into this huge project! We start cleaning off our dresser and it turns into a whole re-do the room project. Is that our human nature or just the nature of us Type A, OCD people? The one thing I have come to realize is sometimes things are just that….simple! Sometimes there does not need to be this HUGE answer to a small problem…sometimes a small answer is the best way to answer a small problem!

For me my small problem is my invisible disease, invisible because to the naked eye I look fine. And trust me I have learned to act fine! But inside there is so much pain, stress, and hurt (both emotional and physical). The emotional hurt comes because I do look fine and act fine…no one truly knows the daily pain I suffer.  The physical pain is easily hid today and maybe tomorrow..but one day I will not be able to hid the physical pain. One day maybe I will be back in my wheel chair…if nothing else because of the fatigue… or maybe back on my cane. Sadly then maybe more people will understand the struggle of an invisible disease…when it becomes visible?

Sometimes the smallest simplest way to understand an invisible disease is to understand that just because someone looks fine…maybe they are not fine! Not a hard concept…it does not necessarily take a PHD to understand that concept…but for so many people…it seems like the hardest thing to do! It is so hard for so many to simply understand that ….just because we look fine…doesn’t mean we are fine!

Try and look deeper into people…try to understand that someone around you (with or without an invisible disease) is hurting. Maybe reach out to them, see how you can support them, encourage them and love on them. See how you can touch their lives and I pray and hope they do the same to you! It seems so simple but it is so necessary to just love on people and they love on you in return!

You never know how you might change a life, it may be just that simple! 🙂

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