Simply Life Changing

After my incredibly rough and painful week, I received an amazing email. It was one of those emails that you read laying down in bed and then as you read it you sit up and start reading it again. Not only did I do that but I spent an hour verifying this was a “real” award. I also sent emails asking my doc advisors if the email was true.

And yes it is true! I received a great honor, I was selected as a scholar for a program that is nationally recognized. It is in my field of study, and to be honest I am so excited to see what door this has opened. I am so honored and thankful to God foe this blessing. And for my husband and friends who keep me going! I’m also thankful for my faculty who believed in me enough to nominate me! I hope I do not let them down! I’m thankful for my Cohort and all they have done, especially my cohort buddy! So much excitement….this semester will be life changing!

3 thoughts on “Simply Life Changing

  1. Congratulations Joanna! That’s what you get for being so darned dedicated to your studies! What a nice surprise and I’m sure a great feeling to know others appreciate all of your hard work and acknowledged it by nominating you. Way to go!

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