Winding Down

The days of vacation are winding down…this is my last full week! This time next week school begins…granted my first class is not until the 29th but I still need to start studying. Also for the next two weeks my work schedule changed…so I will be working more :(. Only a frowny face because I know the more I stress (and work) the more pain I will be in.

The pain has been pretty bad this weekend….since Thursday I have really spent most of my time in bed. In a way it was nice…I was able to read, watching Lifetime movies on Hulu, watch Netflix…and just be lazy.  However that did not stop my pain :(, the pain was ever present and some moments just excruciating. But at least the weekend is over, and now after applying some heat therapy my legs are not hurting…at least not too bad…not like they were hurting.

I’m nervous, I am excited for the next year…and I cannot wait to take you on this journey! Much will change, I will grow…and soon …wow I cannot wait to share with you what the future will bring. If nothing else, know that despite our disease…things can happen in life that are life changing. Despite your pain (emotional, physical, spiritual), you can be successful! You can perservere…you can stay on the right path…and you have faith that the best is yet to come!

To an awesome Monday…I raise my glass! To a nights rest…I raise my glass! To changing someone’s life…I raise my glass!

See you in a few days!

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