Do you have a though, a project, a dream or something like that where you feel challenged? Tonight I spent time working on my challenging formula….it looks so easy and simple…but the complex analysis is far from easy. I’m reminded that sometimes the challenges we face….to others look easy…yet to us…we know they are far more challenging “challenges”.

I know this semester not only am I challenged to live off my RA and Fibro meds but I am challenged to learn and practice statistical analysis. I’m challenged to wake up, work, study and live in pain….with no painfree days. I know my challenge may seem so small compared to others but honestly we all have our challenge to live. Instead of comparing lets just encourage each other to keep going despite our challenge.

I encourage you to keep studying, keep pushing, keep loving, keep hugging, keep praying, keep living and keep getting out of bed in the morning!

Maybe one day like my statistics class….our challenges will go away and our new knowledge and power created a better future for us than we ever thought possible!

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