There are days that our lives fly by and days it seems time just drags. I know tonight I had the feeling that hours just flew by me! I know I started today by studying and I ended the day by studying! It was like…wait where did the day go???? How often do we lose focus on time? How often to we take our time with others for granted?

I know hard questions to think about sometimes…especially at 1:15a.m. but at least I am thinking about the value behind those words. ­čÖé I know that today despite all my pain, the ache, the tiredness (the never ending┬álist)…I still realized that I have to slow down and take some time and spend it with my husband and taking a break for my own sake. If┬á I was to lose focus on my time that I have…I would be┬á person that would never emerge to eat/sleep/study and eventually I would run myself into the ground. It would be mentally drained, emotionally drained and spiritually drained. It is hard for me to stop and take a break..it always has been. But the one thing I can say since my RA/Fibro┬ádiagnosis is that i HAVE to take a break. I HAVE to slow down! I HAVE to focus on the time I have spent and the time between my breaks. It is sad of course that it took my dx to let me see that but I am thankful I have gained some perspective these past few years.

Completing a doctoral degree is not easy, it is a tough feat for a normal healthy, young individual..much less for an individual struggling with two serious chronic painful disease. But the good news is that it is doable…..you just have to take into account TIME ­čÖé

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