Remember to breath!! That is what I keep telling myself today and throughout last week! Talk about being stressed and of course with that stress – significant pain! There seems to be so much that needs done and so little time in the day. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I am stressed, I get snippy and cranky! Something that I really dislike about myself and something I am actively working on getting at not doing.

The pain this week has been far greater than I have felt in a while…but again that is probably due to the serious lack of sleep and learning all that there is to learn about statistics! Although it does feel good to have two things completed – my AAHHE fellowship application is done and my SERA proposal has been submitted. I found out that you can always go back and find things to change…eventually you just have to stop and move on! So tonight I stopped and moved on and now I just get to wait. I might get one, both or neither but I have certainly gained a lot in the process.

Tomorrow is class night! The night of the week I don’t look forward to because there are usually statistics and theory quizzes! If I could take those two things out I love the night, sitting in class, talking with my cohortmates, learning..etc. To me that is the best part of being a study…if only we did not have to take quizzes 😛 Accountability though! And that I do understand!

I am seeing a clearer picture of how hard this journey is when your joints are aching with every movement. For some random reason my thumbs decided to swell up and hurt with just about every moment. Then to make me more balanced….my toes decided to do that same! ANNOYING!! Joint pain is VERY VERY VERY VERY X 150000000 annoying! And what I would give to not have any more pain, as I am sure you would too!

But at least we are all in the same boat…does someone volunteer to decorate? I know my side of this boat is a little bland..unless it would could for me to pull out all my statistic book pages and use them to cover the bare walls?? 😛 Off to get more stuff done! Thank you for the many who have sent posts/comments! I am glad that no one things I’m too crazy for keeping you up on my life…hopefully for at least one person out there…you know you have a friend!

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