Whew! What a weekend

Whew! The weekend is over but I need a break!! Friday, I took a mental health break and drove with a friend to our alma mater ( and my current school). It was so nice to walk around the campus, and see the old stomping grounds. And of course the campus has changed. Check out pictures I posted, you have to admit, the campus is gorgeous!

Then Saturday, we met up with two awesome couples and went to our rival game! Approximately 26,000+ fans piled into our stadium and enjoyed watching/cheering a really good game! Then as a pre-birthday weekend celebration we went out to dinner! Whew! A busy but fun and relaxing weekend!

The sad part is that as I had expected I paid for using that much energy! I hurt so bad last night I could barely move! But I pushed through it until about 2am and managed to get a draft of my stat homework done. Score! thankfully this week is a slower week!

This morning I was still in serious pain but I did make it to church! I love my church! Pastor had a wonderful message, he spoke on peace and letting God carry your worries and fears! So appropriate!

Two more days and this year of life will come to a close 😦 wow! Is it sad that I see it as having survived one more year of excruciating pain….! Is it sad I see it as the fourth birthday with out my dad? Hopefully despite the pain, I can expire joy and happiness as I celebrate the close of one year and the beginning of another year!

3 thoughts on “Whew! What a weekend

  1. It is not a bad thing to count the years without your dad. I think it is just part of being human and the way some of our thinking processes are. We all grieve differently, there is no wrong way or right way! Have a great day, I hope you get some relief!!

  2. My Mom passed 17 years ago and I still count birthdays and Christmas and Easters….without her. My Dad passed 18 months ago but I was grateful for his passing. He had Alzheimers. I miss him so much but I know he is reunited with my mom and somehow it makes it easier. So glad you had a good weekend. Hope the pain subsides.

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