Ready for the weekend

I love how weekends seem so far away when we are starting our work week and then for me by Wednesday I know I am almost there! I am so thankful that I am only working part time, although for me that seems like a full time job and then some. Working part time allows me to have some time to rest but also to spend my energy studying! Today though I can see on paper that I have only worked about 20hrs but gosh my body feels like I have worked some 80hrs. My legs feel horrible, and for the life of me I wish I had a reason why! A reason of course other than my RA/Fibro! 😛

The limitation of having an invisible disease are many and very frustrating! You want the ability to get a few hours of sleep and keep going.  And, at least I do, I want to be able to run around, shop, do errands, work full time, and study full time with out being reduced to crawling into bed for days because I did too much. I worked this week, I studied this week and now I feel like I have been hit by a car and then some. But I have errands to do, things to do around the house and so much more….being limited sucks!

But I have to remind myself that while my body is physically limited by MIND is not! And I have to take advantage of things that are easier on my body! Things like Skype to study with friends instead of pushing everything into a few hours so I can physically do more (take advantage of technology), take advantage of planning ahead so you can do more while you are out (once I come home….I’m staying home…I’ll do my errands at once), and organize (so what you are thinking of Christmas shopping…better to do it now then be stressed and standing in long lines).

There are things I can do to better handle my life, my limitations and living with my disease. I realize that now as I am growing older. And I think the one big prayer I have is to find and be surrounded by people who do understand my limitations! Who appreciate that I cannot keep going and going like they might be able to do.  That sometimes I need to rest, take advantage of technology, plan ahead, organize and maybe yes..just stay home and rest!

Have a great weekend! 🙂 Let’s rest and relax some 🙂

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