Do you ever stop and think about all our connections? I grew up in a country that was definitely behind the US “times.” For the longest time my little village did not have internet/telephone and certainly did not have the cool the little things I see kids playing with today. That aside though, I sometimes do not realize how cool it is that now if we wanted to talk to someone around the world we totally can do that! We are connected to many new and cool places! That also means we can connect one on one to people who are miles away from us!

I know that even though I am living in a unique circumstance, I am thankful that I can connect to people from around the world! I never though much about that until recently.  I was talking to someone yesterday and I was like..thank goodness I was born to enjoy the gadgets of the 21st century! I’m thankful for my connections (my blog, twitter, facebook, etc.). I still remember the days of xanga and myspace ;P…seems like forever ago although I know it was not. I am thankful for the connections that all my gadgets have brought…it certainly makes life feel less lonely! 🙂

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