Time flies

Wow does time fly! I cannot believe we are almost in November 2012! It seems like the year just started…much less inching closer to being married three years! I remember as a kid never really thinking of getting married…gosh I wanted to make it to 25 (at the time it seemed sooooo old!). Do not you love how our perspectives change as we grow up!

I’m diving headfirst into statistics, the semester is growing to a close…soon I will be less than six weeks away from finishing my first full year as a doctoral student. I still remember thinking in college how I could not wait to be where I am today! I always though the name “doctoral student” was too cool! It is cool but it is a lot of work too!
I was back looking at my wedding photos and I thought I would share the song that I used to walk down the aisle. I did not want to use the traditional wedding march…instead I found this bridal march by Jonathan Cain. LOVED it! It was perfect for me.. 🙂

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