Fun Night

Hubby and I got tickets to Medieval Times here in Dallas! It was a lot of fun! The horses were my favorite but the food and the atmosphere was def worth it! Now we are back in our hotel, watching tv and then tomorrow we will do a few things before heading home.

This weekend has been my first homework free weekend! It is nice to be “normal” for a weekend. And no better weekend than my wedding anniversary as a reason to celebrate homework free.












2 thoughts on “Fun Night

  1. I went to one of these several years ago. It was fun but lots of dust in the air from the horses. Did you get to use silverware? I’ve heard of some that want to be so “authentic” that they make you eat with your hands. yuck! Sorry I didn’t get an anniversary card out to you. Time is slipping away way too quickly. Just when I think I’m getting a handle on everything, something slips through the cracks. Seems like as my mom gets worse, I’m having to remember more and more. I have to think for her and me and that isn’t easy. Not sure how much longer she will be able to continue living alone.

    But now I’ve gotten off on a bunny trail haven’t I?

    I’m glad that the two of you have been able to get away and have a NO HOMEWORK weekend! yay! Happy Anniversary!

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