Wedding Anniversary

For the longest time when my husband and I were datin…we marked the months that passed. Now that we have been married we still mark the occasion of our first date (six years on October 12th) and now 3 years today (November 6th).  It is hard to believe that three years ago, I got married…my new chapter started in life…I was no longer a Miss …now I was a Mrs. I had a husband….decisions about life now included another person. The choices I wanted to make in life…I had to no longer think about just me but also my husbands needs.

Marriage has not been easy..sometimes I catch myself envious of couples who have had a “amazing” first year of marriage. Our 3 months of marriage were chaotic….I was commuting back and forth about an hour. So we termed our marriage…a weekend marriage. Down on Friday night and back to my “home” on Sunday afternoon. I made the “official” move to my husband’s apartment in January. Then the next husband had a bad spell with his epilepsy landing him six months of doctor visits to get back under control (STRESSFUL!). I was also going through major testing because I was also sick, in serious pain, no one knew why. It was the continued battle to find an answer and finally in June we got our answer – RA and then Lupus and then also Fibro.

I know we should not compare marriages, never compare to anyone really because we all have many subjective issues. But for those of you who have a spouse who has an invisible illness or you have the illness and your partner supports you.  You know that you have a different life, and a different marriage.  That said, I am thankful that my husband understands my limitations and what I can and cannot do. He is still learning (as am I) to know my signs of when I need to slow down, rest and take a break but we are getting there.

We are looking forward to celebrating a wedding anniversary with NO SCHOOL! Last year was our first, I was in between my MA and EdD program. Now for the next five – six years…. I will be studying! 😛

But it was a great day ….looking forward to many more years and growing closer through our life experiences together!


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