Small Things

It is the small things in life that I sometimes forget to be thankful for, and then when I recognize it…I feel so bad! Small things like wow I was able to open my make up jar this morning and it didn’t hurt AS bad as yesterday. OR today I was able to open 3 bottles of water and 2 bottles of Propel! That’s impressive because some days that does not happen! Too often I find myself feeling sad about what I cannot do – the non-stop going that I used to do or the socialization that now is minimal thanks to studying!

I focus on the negatives in life – I wish I could have, I wish I didn’t suffer, I wish this or that! Not to say that we cannot not or should not but sometimes….to pick myself up (especially in this month of giving thanks) I realize…wow there are so many cool small things I can be thankful for through out my day! It might help me feel a bit better too!

Class is done for this week…I have tons of homework to do but I have power, I have a roof over my head, I have food, and I have a loving husband. I have much more than many have tonight! I am thankful!

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