Through Sadness there is Joy!

It has been THAT weekend! I have been meaning to type this post since about this time yesterday….do not you love how time seems to get away from you! Through sadness there is joy! The sadness I am referring to was partially mine (my lack of insurance) but also through the loss of a loved one. I was reading on CNN a few months ago about a woman who lost her life due to no insurance and therefore she was unable to obtain the medical care she needed.  The CNN reporter mentioned a piece of the Affordable Care Act that would have potentially given her insurance if she had known it existed.

Granted my interest was piqued because I too was (am) not covered with insurance. In fact every place I apply…DENIED! The only hope I had for the longest time was a high risk insurance pool….which would cost an arm/leg/hip etc. to pay for each month. So I went to the link mentioned (’s_Eligible.html) and applied. The waiting was interesting….trying to not get my hopes up but also not letting myself hope either. It was that inner battle…can you be disappointed if you were not expecting anything?

Well the wait is over! As of last night when I checked my mail box…I was ACCEPTED! Praise God! As of 12/01/2012 I will be able to see my doctors! Blessed! Very blessed! I’m sharing this link with hopes that it can help someone else! 🙂


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