Hang in there

I don’t know …maybe it is just me but this week is going to be a tough one! Major final on Wednesday and then a final paper due on Friday! AHHH!! Yes screaming at the top of my lungs…if it would solve anything lol! BUT one good thing…I made it to service today! I loved the message, very encouraging. I realize the most important thing in life staying close to the Heavenly Father. For me, my faith has become a critically important aspect to living! That said, I have realized over the past few weeks I have let spending time in prayer and reading God’s word slip. I’m sure I am not alone…we get crazy busy and those things tend to slide but you know….I hate to say it….when I am stressed or in trouble…that is when I cry out to the Lord. The truth is though…he is not a vending machine that I can go put money in and get a caffeine drink to keep me awake whenever I need it. Sometimes I think I am guilty of doing that…running to him when I need something and not dwelling or keeping that relationship close when things are fine and dandy. So that was my conviction of today, keeping my faith as a priority not as something I do whenever I have time…honestly I doubt I would ever have the time if I did not make the time!

Another positive for today!!! I finished the ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH draft of my paper!! It has been peer-reviewed twice today..it is on hold until tomorrow afternoon and then I will work on editing it a bit more. This paper counts for a lot so I want a REALLY good paper! And I also was able to be on my study group this afternoon! We spent two whole hours on statistical terms etc. Whew! Talk about a brain fry! But that is ok, just a few more days and this term is over! Def. know I will need MAJOR prayer over the summer…I take advanced statistics over a 10 week summer term!! OMG!! Ok well I have a few months before that reality comes so pray for me!

I’m off to cover 6 chapters of statistics, more or less refreshing myself on things I know! I’m taking a deep breath, breathing in and out, trusting if my God, knowing that I will do my best and the rest is in God’s mighty hands! I’m praying my FIBRO fog doesn’t hit me until Friday night (pray with me on that), I’m praying that my RA pain especially in my knees, hips, ankles and hands is held at bay until Friday night (wow a whole week…..praying!!!). God has an awesome plan for my life, he has an awesome plan for me in this doctoral program….whether this class is my first B in a LONG time, my first C in a long time or by God’s grace my FIRST A in a doc stats course EVER….HIS HANDS/HIS PLAN! And I will give God the glory for He is good.

So off to study…I will keep you posted on one TOUGH week of this semester!

Also if you could send positive thoughts for my cough and cold are STILL hanging in there! Praise God my insurance kicks in Sunday!! WOOHOO!! 🙂



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