Slow Week…sickness still holding on

This week has been a slow one….my cough/cold is STILLLLLLL hanging on! Yes very annoyed with it! But in the United States this week has also been Thanksgiving week…where families get together and people go shopping at crazy hours of the day (I think getting up at midnight- 5a.m. to shop = insane).  For me this week consisted of resting at home, working on homework and stressing about all that needs done this next week.

Starting Monday I have a meeting on campus, then Wednesday I take my statistics final and Saturday my final class paper is due.  Plus I have a friend’s birthday party on Friday and I’m going to my alma mater’s play off game on Saturday. So yes a crazy week is coming up. Thankfully I did make some strides homeworkwise this week – my extra credit binder/study guide was finished, a draft of my final personal assessment paper is done, and I am one page away from finishing my statistics paper. I am thankful, so thankful for prayers for my health and for finishing this semester strong.  My statistics class is one of those classes where a GREAT (like close to 80% ) of my grade will be decided with what I turn in this week….talk about pressure! Although you know one thing I did realize…I have been in class close to 13-14 weeks…..I know everything I can know about it…TRUST myself.  I also realized I need to rest, take care of myself so I can be sharp for my final on Wednesday (plus I should take advantage of a study group on Sunday).  I also reminded myself, I cannot know everything but I can believe and trust myself with what I do know!

In regards to my paper, make my paper my own, don’t copy someone else’s work….do what I think I should turn in. If I like it and I have put my 100% into it…that is all I can do. I am one of those people that I try to follow what I think I should do…..that is I look at a bunch of papers and go I need to put this, that etc….and I risk a hodgepodge paper that does not sound like me. The bottom line is this class is just one of my many classes, this degree is a triathlon to obtain…one grade is one grade…the most important thing is to apply what I have learned and show that I have learned something.  So that is what I am going to do…I am going to write my paper sharing what I have learned….I cannot expect an expert paper (as much as I would like to have an expert paper) …why??? because I am not THERE yet….I am still learning….let’s be honest this is my first statistics course! I need to pay attention to my APA, my tables, my citing and input as much statistical results as possible but I cannot expect more from myself than what I know I can give at this stage of my academic career. As my teacher put it so well… myself, and remember to pace myself! Give it all I can give it of course but pace myself nonetheless.

So yes lots of thoughts have gone through my brain this week…and I have tended to mull over these thoughts versus share them with the world. I figured I would save your inboxes from my randomness. There is much more to share though – such as a NEW HOUSE, moving, etc. but that will come later. I am hoping off to bed so I can get up tomorrow to spend some time studying statistics, going to a study group and finishing my first draft of my paper.

If you can say a prayer for me this week…it will be a tough tough tough week but I am confident that God will give me strength, clarity and all that I need to be successful. I keep reminding myself I am here because HE wants me to be here, I am in this program because HE worked it out for me to be here.  I am NOT alone, I do NOT have to face this week alone! Positive thoughts and prayers! 🙂


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