Wow…times flies

Can you believe we are in the month of December already??? WOW!! It seems as if the past two months have flow by….I guess that is what happens when day becomes night and night becomes day…thanks to staying up to all hours studying statistics. The GOOD news is that my statistics final is OVER! YAY! My statistics final paper is DONE and SUBMITTED! Now I am working on another smaller project to turn in by tomorrow night and then I will just have a powerpoint to practice and present on by  Wednesday. I’m excited to see this semester coming to an end..I learned a lot. It has been one CHALLENGING but GROWING is interesting how the more challenging the semester..the cooler (and deeper) things seem.

Another MAJOR MAJOR praise…I AM INSURED! I am so thankful for the Affordable Care Act (also know as Obamacare). I am now insured, for the first time since January 2012….I can see a doctor and I can get my medicine! PRAISE GOD! I see my old rheumatologist on the 11th of December to hopefully get back on medicine. I cannot wait! If you have been unable to get insurance, if you have gone more than six months with out insurance and have a pre-existing condition…check out PCIP.Gov! It takes some paperwork but the insurance is no where near the cost of a high risk pool.

Today (as you can see from my previous post) I was able to go to my alma mater’s (SHSU’s) play off game. It was a boring (and really bad) game but we did WIN! YAY! It was fun to be back on campus, eat at the old places…see how the campus has changed and enjoy hanging out with a friend. We enjoyed our day!

Overall resting this weekend has been nice…only a few more days and I can say THIS SEMESTER IS OVER! YAY!

Off to rest some more….def. thankful!


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