London Lara…A Life So Short

For those keeping up with the London Lara story, he was born this morning at approximately 7:30a.m. and died shortly after 8;30a.m. He blessed his parents with an hour of life, 60 precious minutes to spend a lifetime together.  Keep this couple in your thoughts today, London’s funeral will be sometime Monday. Check the link to the previous post to get to a page posted on by his parents.

It is amazing in the 8 months of London’s life….he has touched many. His parents have exhibited such love, such strength, and such joy through tragedy.  Their journey has not been easy, their hearts broken for their loss but yet at the same time comforted knowing they are not alone.

The online world has blessed them with “likes”, “posts” and support. Don’t forget their journey did not end today…it continues for the days, weeks, and months to come as they grieve and move forward with their lives. Don’t forget to continue to remember them as Christmas comes, as New Year’s comes, and as live progresses through 2013. I know they will still need your encouragement and prayers in the days ahead.

One thought on “London Lara…A Life So Short

  1. Unfortunately, the grieving process really never ends. It gets easier, but we will always miss our little ones lost too soon. I had a breakdown today and it has almost been a year since Brayden passed.

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