Ya’ll definitely deserve an update! I am back on MEDS!!! Woohooo the bad part is I am back on Arava. This was what I was one for almost two years….I had a good bit of liver issues but it did help. I was also put on 300mg. of Lyrica (THANK GOD!!!). So now I have completed one day (and second dose) of Arava. I forgot the exhaustion, the nausea and the bathroom issues that come with the drug. I’m hoping after a few days this is more bearable…I forgot how miserable the meds could make me. But it was misery because of pain or misery because of meds….after having gone the miserable because of pain route…I decided to get off that train and go for meds!

But part of my day (since I was procrastinating packing) was to get my nails done! I love my salon…it was a perfect relaxer for today. šŸ™‚ So you can see below my designs I had put on my nails…they make me smile!! Also below you can see my crazy closet!! Gosh I did not realize I had that many shoes!! šŸ˜› Finally you can see the two pills that keep me going..yet make me sick at the same time…what a mess šŸ˜› BUT I am thankful I have a caring husband, friends and many more people to support me through this process.


213 212


216 215 214 211 209


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