I will have to say the word adjusting does not cover the first week being back on Arava! If you are on it or have been on it you probably know what I mean! The nausea, the bathroom issues and the major exhaustion! I also think my Lyrica is making me slightly dizzy although that is improving! I would pay money for my stomach to feel better! Gosh it does not (and has not) felt good since Tuesday!

Although my hubby and I had to go to his company’s Christmas party and it was one of those…if you did not eat anything..people would wonder. So I managed to eat a bit there…although maybe this is just me but I have tended to get cravings. I can go all day with out being hungry and then I’m like gosh I some ______ (red doritos etc.). Yes I am weird!

So you might be wondering…why complain if for about a year all you have asked for is meds!!! Yes this is true! I am 165% thankful for my medicine. I guess I am true to the saying “never happy, if you have curly hair you want straight…if you have straight you want curly.” Essentially yes I want my treatment SO BAD…mostly because I know that despite the bathroom issues/the nausea/the hair is WORTH it! I had some initial reports from my labs come back…my CRP one year after medicine is 25!!! Two years of treatment it was 3! So yes worth it!

BUT the medicine does suck!!! Anyone on it can tell you it sucks but it the trade me make! I know people who do not go on it, or go on it and realize hey no way man. You cannot fault them….either choice is a painful/tough decision…one where no matter the decision there will be pain!

And my last thought of the day was remember to look people in the eyes. Remember to LOOK at people! Maybe the person next to you is going through a similar journey! Maybe they just want someone to understand. I know I am ‘excited” (not really but yes I am) to find another squeaker/spoonie! Why?? Because we understand each other! That is soooo valuable!

Two more days and I am on vacation!! And then…a trip 🙂 YAY!


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