One Last Thought

One last thought before I sign off….let’s be thankful for our loved ones surrounding us! We do not need to list the many reasons why…this past weekend was just another tragedy that left me thankful for all my blessings and most importantly my family. No matter how bad I feel, no matter how little energy I have….I want to remember how thankful I am that tonight I was able to come home to my loving husband.

To many days I get up, drag myself through the day, use my spoons and wish  I could steal some one elses’ and some how manage to paste a smile on my face. But I take for granted picking up the phone and calling my husband. I take for granted I will see him in the afternoon or many other scenarios. Honestly we have to remember we have no guaratnee..lets take advance of loving on our family/friends while we have them around. Take every day and remember what we have to be thankful for.

I’m thankful (despite my REALLY upset stomach) for all my meds, my doctors, and most importantly my hubby. He sees the pain, he sees the side effects and yet he is still here loving on me daily.

Enjoy a great evening, a restful night and hopefully a less painful day tomorrow!

PS if anyone is donating their spoons let me know 😛


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