Well tomorrow is the day, the bags are packed and the house is ready to be left for a few days. The girls I think know we are moving…but THANKFULLY the girls are getting used to their new home! We have a special surprise coming on the 27th if all goes well!! I cannot wait to share with you all…trust me there will be many pictures!

But anyways tomorrow we head to Nuevo Leans…aka New Orleans!! I have never been, so the camera is def. packed! I’m interested to see what the place will look like…especially post-Katrina. I know that might sound bad but so much happened there…I know from Hurricane Mitch in Honduras….years later things were still not back to “normal.” We shall see!

Today was a rough rough day! Major headache, tummy ache and just exhaustion. I have found myself getting dizzy…not sure if it is the Lyrica or just exhaustion from getting the meds in my system. Nonetheless I was in bed until 3:00p.m…..hoping tomorrow I feel better! Crossing fingers!

Off to bed…thank goodness the world DID NOT end :-P! Not that I thought it would be it was interesting to watch the world as this day came and now went!


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