One thought came to mind tonight, say “yes” to moving your body! Even if it is just from bed to the couch. I have realized that movement is critical to our lifestyle! Of course me this weekend, I moved a bit tooooo much! I walked probably some 20 blocks or more…..not a smart move! Take breaks and enjoy just sitting and people watching! 🙂

My Fibro and RA is better though when I move! Even if I spend all day in bed…..just crawling out to my couch….relieves some of that stiffness. Stiffness gets worse (at least for me) the longer I do not move. It could just be me but a second New Years resolution is to move! To say yes to moving!

It doesn’t mean a gym membership…it means doing what I can! Be that a walk around the neighborhood or just crawling to the couch! I hope to take advantage of the days I can do something, heck maybe even lose some weight! 🙂

Off to bed…again Merry Christmas!

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