Sadly, I am sitting on my couch today where I have been since about 1:00p.m. I went to be about 9:30p.m. and couldn’t drag myself out of bed until about 11:00a.m. Although I should get a star  because I did manage to clean the bathroom before I realized I just did not have any energy today. That’s the thing that I miss the most…my “old” normal energy. The girl (yes still girl) that could get three hours of sleep and go almost all day long before feeling tired. That has been replaced by someone who takes about an hour to get up in the morning (that is just dressed/with makeup), and then another few hours to finally feel like my brain is awake! I’m much slower these days and thanks to med side effects I am doing even less.

Remember what I said about moving though, I did MOVE from my bed, through my house and then onto my couch :). I am joined by my two precious kids (furry kids) who love to snuggle and sleep. Gosh I cannot look at them too long though before I want to sleep too! But Matt has class tonight and we get our final present of the year. I’m excited to share what that will be later tonight (or more than likely tomorrow).

I had a friend of mine tell me today….I don’t understand why you are taking…umm what are you taking again? It reminded me again of how hard it is for MANY people to attempt to put themselves in your shoes. And trust me I get it…why would I want to care about the world of RA/Lupus and Fibro if I was not living in it? Ummm I would not. I would not want to take the time to learn about the diseases, what they do, how to treat them, and the side effects…much less talk to people and really try and GET what their new “normal” lifestyle is like. Honestly once you get any of these diseases (and MANY more)…life changes! Life is NEVER the same again and life will NEVER be the same again. That fact alone is such a hard concept…throw in looking ok on the outside and wow…in many cases people do not know what to do!

Is it frustrating…yes very but I will say…the genuineness of a few people will make it all worth it. Find those few (and yes few) genuine people who are there for you. People who will listen, people who will pray with you, people who will be there when you need and not try to sell some new cure for you to try. People that will encourage you, people who will encourage your marriage (because a marriage with any illness is rough). People who will just be genuine supporters….gosh love on those people. Hold them close, cling to them. Those gems are few and far between!

Another of my NY resolutions….to be that genuine supporter to someone new. I know how much that person would make a difference in my life and in my family’s life. I pray that I can reach out there and touch someone in an incredible way this new year. Be that through this blog, my facebook page or through living in my new neighborhood.

Back to bed I go 🙂



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