Sooooo as promised, here is the newest addition to our family. She was abandoned on the side of the road some 7 weeks ago. One of the martial arts friends my husband has was trying to get her a good home for Christmas. We had been wanting a dog and missing our old dog terribly but I had not expected to get a dog this quick. After thinking about it for a bit we decided that we would give Molly a try!

She is between 2-3 years old and weights 9 pounds. So she is full grown and pretty much between a toy and small dog. She is currently sunbathing on the floor very lethargic from her shots yesterday. I’m hoping she helps me stay more active and also perhaps in some way helps my pain (haven’t checked on studies about this but it would be cool).

She spent the first night curled under the covers with us! Kept my legs soooo warm! 🙂 she bunched around following me wherever I went. She loved curling up next to me or playing with her toys. She wakes up at 4:20 on the dot which is not too bad because I need to start getting up by 5:20am for work. This morning we got up (in the 30 degree weather) and went potty and then for a shirt brisk walk. I quickly realized she needed a sweater so we went back home. We are getting used to having an older dog and not a puppy but it will take some time. We are learning more of how she thinks and what she wants.

And the good news is since she is sooooo small, the cats are not really intimidated! Last night we had one cat on the couch and Molly too! It will take some time I think for them to become friends but at least they don’t hate each other!

Last positive, Molly did well in the laundry room last night when we left! She did not tear up stuff or potty! We hope she keeps up this trend!!!!

More pictures to come, she will hopefully feel better tomorrow. Vet said her shots will probably effect her and sadly the vet wasn’t wrong : ( hard to see her not in her perkyiness!


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