Pain Today…Gone Tomorrow

Pain was horrible today…yet again I realized how hard it is to do things when your body feels run over. For a good portion of the morning I had brain fog…I struggled to keep awake. Not only that but I was working at home today so I was battling curling back up in my bed! Well good news the bed did not win but I am exhausted!! What is still keeping me up??? Yes you know it….PAIN! Then I was so tired and body hurt so much that I really did not get too much of my homework done. I updated my FB page’s cover (and that did take awhile) and then I just relaxed watching a good show on Netflix. I gave today all I could give, and that to me makes a good day.

I thought today…what would a day of no pain feel like…it has been so long since I have had one of those. My typical day consists of pain from the moment my eyes open until my eyes close. Granted the intensity of pain varies from an annoying ache that does not go away (this is in my hands, knees, hips, back, ankles, toes and fingers. And a little in my shoulder and elbows) to a stabbing pain that prevents me from moving. I picture a day when I can wake up in “remission” so that when I get up I am like I was before….normal. Where I can go and go and go and not get exhausted after putting on my makeup or getting dressed.

I realize now (don’t they say hindsight is 20/20) how selfishly I took for granted simply moving. I took for granted a pain free day and I wish I had not.  I have so much more on my to do list that needs to get done!!! I need to go to the Asian continent and see my list of things, I have to go back to Africa to see more things and I have to travel Europe more!! I cannot have pain every day right….and then….I wake up and realize I was just picturing a day….that my life IS PAIN every day!

The pain varies from my RA and my Fibromyalgia. Although on a typical day both are hard at work making sure their unwanted invitation to my life is not forgotten!!! Who ever sent the invitation to these diseases….we must have words! I know now I would NEVER invite them to my life….these diseases don’t get the hint to LEAVE! 🙂

One positive..although it might seem like a small positive…is that I am adjusting ok to the Arava and Lyrica. Are the side effects gone…no by NO means! I am up for liver labs in March…I’m interested to see those tests. I am also hoping to have lowered my CRP and ANA. The meds are NOT great for my body, in fact they are horrible for my body…but they help…in their cruel way the meds help. So I am thankful tonight I have them….not too long ago I did not have them.  And I know right now there are many who NEED them but still do not have them. Keep those people in your thought tonight. Say a prayer or send a positive thought that those people’s Fibromyalgia and/or RA is eased tonight!

See ya’ll later!

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