A Day of Rest

Well obviously God knew that (a) I wasn’t ready to quit being on vacation and (b) that I just needed more rest. And since I wouldn’t listen I had to get majorly sick! LOL! Well probably not but that is one of the reasonings that is going on in my head tonight. My throat is worse, and I woke up feeling like I have the flu (wow that ER doc was smart!!! DARN!). Fever has been up…and it has been down….and currently it is going up! YAY ME NOTT!!!!

But Molly and I have cuddled on the couch…we have watched a TON of Netflix (getting my money’s worth LOL!). And tomorrow I am hoping to work on my paper. For some reason this paper is hard to start…I’m not sure if it because I work best under pressure these days or I just REALLY don’t want to give up my vacation. The paper right now is 29 pages but because I added some stuff in my brief introduction I need to add a bit more..and we are talking small small things and maybe it is because I know they are so small…that I am procrastinating. Nevertheless I hope it gets done tomorrow.

I’m hoping my fever is permanently gone tomorrow!! That would be nice. I never know how bad a fever could wrack my poor RA/Fibro body. The joint pain I have had the past two days has been unreal. Even with my Lyrica…seems like I have taken nothing. And then it seems like my body has knives stuck in it and then for kicks my joints all swollen and twisted (we are talking every joint). Hmmm I’ll be SOOO ready for this day to pass.

What have I learned from this experience??? I have no immune system, zip zero nada…at least not one to talk about! When I can get sick and within 12hrs be majorly majorly ill….there is no immune system working there! BUT that also tells me that within a month I have managed to knock down my immune system so “hopefully” if I can balance the side effects…my RA should start to improve! YAY!

I have also been able to spend some time researching RA, RA meds and stuff like that. I never knew how little I knew about my diseases until I started to research. I was not aware of all the TNF stuff ,the DMARD stuff etc. Why should I care about it all?? Mostly because I keep getting so many questions about Rheumatoid Arthritis. Such as what does it do, why does it hurt so bad because it is just arthritis right???? And why on earth would I or do I take autoimmune suppressants??? That’s wrong right?? What causes it???

Thank goodness I love to research because it takes time. I didn’t take much time before but hey what else can I do….I have no voice, no immune system and am contagious so I’m staying homebound. LOL! It is a sign.. I needed to do this research LOL! (probably a sign to do my paper too….God knew it wasn’t ready!!!)

Another positive of staying home…I found the West Wing on Netflix!! SCORE!! So I’m going to go watch more tv, I’m going to rest and hopefully tomorrow…some improvements will be seen!!! 😛


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