Fun Weird Fact

Another fun odd weird fact that some might find cool, I’ve decided to change my birthday! Here is why :). I was adopted back when I was a child. I was born on October 9th, 1986 but I  did not get brought to my new family until March 9th. My last birthday at home in Honduras, because we wanted to celebrate birthdays before I left…we celebrated that birthday on March 9th. I had thought about it for awhile…why not have my birthday celebrated on an awesome day, the day I was brought to a new family…a family that became my family. Why celebrate a birthday I was born to a mother who couldn’t care for me?

So yes effective 2013…I will be celebrating my birthday on Marchprobably but it works for me. It want to enjoy my birthday and I cannot think of celebrating on a better day than the day I became a Shaw Rose girl…the day that was the beginning of a new chapter for me.  And that is what I want to remember. 🙂

So yes this year will be the shortest time between birthday celebrations but that’s ok 🙂


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