The backstory to this post is that yesterday morning I woke up about 2:30a.m. with a 103.4 degree fever. YES I was miserable,  worst feeling ever. After my company left, don’t worry I stayed in bed to not get anyone else sick,  I went to the ER. Turns out I have pharyngitis, strep and the flu…yah for a 3 for 1 combo! I’m on a lot of antibiotics and we are hoping that I get better soon. It is amazing how FAST my body got sick, although what did I expect having been knocking out my immune system the last month with my Arava.

But I am thankful for

health insurance so I could go to the doctor right away!

-the ability to buy medicine on a Sunday, some places like where I grew up in Honduras, it would take an act of congress to find an open pharmacy on the weekends! These 24/7 pharmacies in this country are awesome!

-an understanding boss, who for now is understanding that I am always sick, but on occasion REALLY sick. She knows I work hard when I can but sometimes these major illnesses strike on top my usual stuff

-this fast fast illness makes me believe that my Arava is working! I had a few better days last week with my pain so that’s a good thing. Downside is yah I get sick fast these days

I believe now:

– if you have RA/Lupus/Fibro or any other invisible disease….we should get a “GET OUT OF OTHER SICKNESSES” card! 🙂

– I have to balance my social life even more because I am even more susceptible to illness thanks to no immune system to speak off

So yes I have much to be thankful for and I am praying for healing of this 3 for 1 combo SOON!!! It has put my RA/Fibro into major overdrive so I feel sooooooooo worse than bad. It makes me pray even hard for ONE day of being pain free…I know that hasn’t happened in the past few years but here is hoping! 🙂

Off to rest!

3 thoughts on “Thankful!

  1. You poor thing! I am all about the “get out of other illnesses” card. I love the fact that you can be thankful despite feeling horrible. Take care. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

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