Go away and stay away!!!!

Well alas today, to my great dismay I didn’t wake up feeling all better!!!! To that I tell my body BOOOO! But tomorrow will be three days on antibiotics and four days of no Arava! Lets hope that’s what my body needs so I can start mending! After all school starts one week from tomorrow and I don’t want to be sick!

I had a feeling 2013 would bring some interesting challenges! Hey at least the party didn’t wait tooooo long to start! But again, I am thankful for many things! For a hubby that can work while I cannot, for insurance to see the doctor and be back on to, and for my sickness to hit this week versus next! Crappy start to 2013, but I have high hope that things will improve!

Change needs to happen! And I say this to myself! I need to make sure to rest, to be feed spiritually, emotionally and physically! I have to make sure I try and stay healthy, to make sure I get adequate rest and that I get some workout in during the week! Why? Because yes my degree is important but my health is far more important! And extra year to finish is far better than never going back! Emotional health stems from me needing to rest some days, to enjoy life, to enjoy my husband, my dog and cats, and to just be able to relax so I am not so drained! Physically I have to move! Be it a short walk with my dog or a longer walk with my dog! Either way I need to move and eat better! And spiritual health, well for me my faith is crucial! Prayer, God, peace and strength I chalk all this up to my faith! My faith is so essential to seeing joy despite my circumstances! So yes for 2013 to continue to look up….spiritual, emotional, and physical strength needs to abide!

I am also getting more excited about class! Yes I’m slow this semester! I edited my paper!!!! Score! I am feeling much better about it….thank goodness it is a work in progress!!! Once I make sure it is good, then on to working on the presentation! I hope soon my syllabi are posted so I can see what the semester is going to look like! I always hate not knowing until day one of the semester! Called me OCD and organized! Also this semester will be my first semester commuting from my new home! Extra commute…..unfortunately! Say a prayer for me!

Joy is returning, God is guiding and rebuilding! Sometimes we get handed a bad hand to make us stop and think about what all we have been blessed with and all the good that can come in the year! I know I’m not letting this darken what I think 2013 will bring! And I’m hopeful that there will be some awesome changes, awesome classes, more friendships, and much much more!

Resting for now! Excited to see what tomorrow brings!

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