Oh Steady Day, Oh Steady Day

Yah I was thinking “oh happy day, Oh happy day” while I was writing this but no steady comes out instead. Steady? Well I’m steadily not improving…I’m steadily learning to live with the never ending (I’m sure it will) rain!  But you know that’s ok…I enjoyed a STEADY Saturday while I watched “the West Wing” and played on my computer.

I am yet again reminded how much energy I had…and now how much I treasure any drop of energy!! If I get a burst of energy I should TREASURE it…who knows when my treasure will return!

Being sick..if nothing else it gives you time to think, write and get bored with TV! I’m working myself up to get up at 5:40a.m. on Monday (despite my overloaded crapppiness), making it to work by 7:30a.m. and then perking myself up enough to be a positive/pleasant person until 1:00p.m. and then off to my doctor’s appointment. Yes, I’m seeing an internal medicine doctor Monday afternoon..my sore throat will not go away and my cough is back (BAD!).  OHhh and classes start next week!! I’m going to be starting my second year…wow! Cannot believe I’ve survived a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and now a full year of an Ed.D! LORD! I silently battled my RA/Fibro in college (not officially diagnosed, didn’t have insurance so didn’t get tests run) and then I was a second year MA student when I finally found out what was wrong. That was after a year of trying to figure out what is going on! 😦 So I am amazed that I have survived! Survived and yes surprisingly I enjoyed my classes last year (minus my Statistics!)

I’m so thankful for all the check in on me! Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia…yes those are not easy to live with but one thing I realized tonight was …it is nice to know someone has your back! I have your back, you have my back! 🙂 Night 🙂


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