The End!

The end has come! No not the end of my sickness (much to my great dismay) but instead the end of my break!!!!!! My first semester of my second doctoral years starts tomorrow!!!! Wow! Hard to believe!

A year ago I was scared, unsure of what to expect, and very anxious! Tonight, Im a little ahead and ready to have class this week over lol! Kinda of the same feelings I think!

Another change this year….I’m on treatment!!! This time last year I did not have my Arava and my Lyrica. I’m hoping that I can do as well this year as I did last year!

Ill have to let you know how the first class goes! 🙂

Lets hope my fibro and RA pain are at bay tomorrow! And thank goodness for cough and cold meds! Whew! Been keeping Target pharmacy in business!


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