First Class Day!

I made it!!!! It was nice to be driving home last night after class! It was so nice! Why? Because after being so sick last week and to still have my cough/cold, I was a little worried I would not be able to make it! But I did it! I’m excited to be back on working in my research, and studying!

Studying is fun, probably a good thing since I’ve become a professional student lol! Today I worked a few hours in my new office 🙂 Molly was sleeping in my office next to me and the house was nice and quiet. I realized that I need a bigger desk! Hahahaha I like to spread out my research, probably the biggest desk would not be big enough!

And even better news! I am going to San Francisco! My first time that far west, and my first time to California! I will be going later in the semester for a conference, hopefully I have time to sight see some! Any good things to check out??

I’m off to rest, tomorrow I hope to spend all day reading and writing! 🙂

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