One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days??? You didn’t get much sleep the night before, you lay down to take a nap and you cannot sleep, your head feels stuffed up from your cold, your throat hurts and your body just feels body slammed. One of THOSE days! Yes today is one of those days. I’m not sure if it because of the two weeks of sickness…that continues and seems to never end….or the renewed class/studying/researching. Or maybe a combination of all of the above.

So today I have spent most of my time in my office…I figured if I cannot sleep, cannot go out, and cannot seem to get well…I might as well use my energy productively. I am making strides on my homework! YAY! And my trusty dissertation/RA dog (Molly) has been at my side all day. She slept all night while I watched aimless movies on Netflix. Sometime about 2:30a.m. when she realized I was not in my usual curled up sleeping position, she decided that I needed extra love. And decided to curl up next to my legs for more comfort. Then when I got up she jumped right in my lap to give me some love while I attempted to nap. As I moved into the office Molly decided she would curl up on her dog bed, now moved next to the desk. And here she sleeps, curled up in a little white ball of fur. I love having this 9 pound dog just loving on me all day.

Granted I love my cats (my two spoiled brats). But cats do not tend to love on you even when you need it. Precious and Pepper love on me about 9:00pm when they want their food. After that or before then…the couch gets their love. So having Molly who just follows me around and loves on me…even when I feel so bad…is nice!!

I wrote on full discussion board post today, I read one journal article, one reading assignment  and am about 80% through one other chapter. I have a writing exercise to do and an IRB proposal to work on. Thank goodness Monday is a holiday! I hope to make some strides though this afternoon/tomorrow so that I can rest some more on Monday.

Being a student, doctoral, graduate or other, is tough! If you are studying you have made a choice, an admirable choice. You have a passion to gain academic knowledge despite the cost to your life. You have to study, write papers, and learn information that might or might not be fun to learn. You realize that you have to take time away from your friends, family and other social activities to make your deadlines. And if you are doing all the above with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Lupus (or any other invisible illness)….wow it is an amazing feat. You have to be proud of what you are doing.

And that is not to say that if you did not go through higher education, that you are less of a person! TRUST ME that is so not so! I am proud of people who have full life with out the higher education. I was planning on doing that but I fell in love with being a student. But this life is not for everyone, if you are not passionate about it or feel like it is you…that is fine! Go and do something that you love, that is the key. Do something with your life that you love! If you do not love what you do….life is just harder. If I did not love school…trust me I be miserable.

In all…just living for us spoonies and squeakers is a handful. And you know there are days just getting out of bed…should earn me a medal (and you to). But the days I can do other things…I am thankful! I am thankful that today I can still study! If you are studying…I tip my hat to you and say…”lets do this!” Let’s finish this road strong! If you are thinking of doing it! We are hear for you! If you decided this road wasn’t for you, then lets party when those of us studying are done! Ya’ll who are not in school get dibs on planning the big party! : )


6 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Sorry you are not feeling well still! I was hoping to see you in Just the Girls tomorrow. We will pray for next week! Take Good Care my friend!

  2. Thanks for your blog. I don’t like saying it’s nice to know I’m not the only one to feel this way, but it is so true. Some days I think I am the only one that feels like this. I need to just suck it up. After reading your blog, I feel like it really, unfortunately, isn’t just me that feels horrible from one minute to the next. Like I belong to a secret club that most “normal” people don’t understand. I hope you have some good days ahead to out weigh the bad ones!

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