But it started as a normal day…..

Today started as a normal day….I cleaned my office up, I counted the hours until I could go home and take a nap but that changed. It changed the moment I heard students screaming ” shooter on campus!!!”

For a split second I thought it was a drill….but then I saw panic stricken students running down the hall. Reality sunk in and the rest….well some is on the major news channels and some…I still have to process. Well a lot I have to process ….there were so many thoughts that went through my head. So many feelings! The feeling of not us…not my campus…not my students.

The emotional roller coaster ride is still going….tomorrow going to work will be difficult…will be emotional! I made friends, I met colleagues I didn’t know existed.

But the experience has been….emotional….and I hope to share the story and I hope to find good in having been on campus today. There was a reason I experienced this surreal incident on my campus.

Tonight I came home…I know it could have been much worse….I’m thankful it wasn’t

Now I can see, now I can understand the feelings of others on a campus where there has been a shooting. You feel violated…my campus…my safe place…maybe physically safe but emotionally so many feelings!

I’m thankful for the teachers/professors, I am thankfully still that I work with college students. It is a tragedy that they…that I had to experience this emotional trauma. But I will learn something….I will grow…I will walk back on my campus tomorrow.

And I know for awhile I will sill see the SWAT officers, the HRT officers and the dozens of other law enforcement there today. I thank them for running into the building, for securing our campus and for assisting countless persons to a safe place. We evacuate and hide when there is a shooting on campus….they run toward it to protect us….THANK YOU!!!

Tonight there are many thoughts in my mind….but I hope rest come soon…and may peace soon follow!

5 thoughts on “But it started as a normal day…..

  1. I’m so very sorry you had to go through this! It’s good to be thankful you were spared…but be prepared for the pain that will come with so much stress. I am praying for you now, that you will have comfort, peace, and wisdom. The next few days might really tough so get your rest!

  2. And i finally reached this post. I type with goosebumps and am so speechless. I am from India and hence i wasn’t aware of what had happened. Hoping everyone is fine and such incidents never happen again. take care, we are here for you!

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