Thinking….yes still thinking

I woke up today and spent a lot of time quietly thinking…while trying to do my homework! I am still amazed at how much my body hurts. You would think with steroids now for three days I would have a little less pain….yet that is not the case!! 😦 But at least being for the most part home bound by the pain etc. I am getting homework done…albeit not as fast as I would like.

My Molly got her first bath today at the groomers! She did lovely and she looks beautifully clean 😛 I posted a picture of her on my Facebook page 🙂 And she got a cute little dress. I will post a picture of her when she sits down 😛

Well it has almost been a week since the shooting…still so much more to process! But it is a process to processing….confusing right…but true! Sooo more thinking and more processing…and hopefully soon I can say it has all been processed. Although I’m thinking it will take a lot longer than I would like 😦

Thank you all for your hugs and support! That means the world to me! 🙂


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