Careful What You Ask For!

So yesterday after a VERY stressful week….I was thinking…wow I just need to rest! I was soooooo looking forward to a nap! I was sooo tired!! So I get home and I start digging into the homework I have for this week. Plus in my mind I’m trying to prepare for the presentation I will be giving next week. Plus I was digging for research…so yes needless to say I had a lot going on in my mind. Molly starts to whine as if she needs to go potty….and so I picked up her lease and took her out the back door. And before I stepped out the door the thought crossed my mind…should I get my cell phone? And I was like…umm no because it is just stepping outside the back door and then back inside. And mind you I was checking off how many minutes I would be out there before I could come inside and start back to work on my research.

As soon as the back door closes I heard a click! And I was like OH NO! SERIOUSLY!! Yes the back door was locked! I had no jacket, phone or keys! What at a mess!!! So I walked down the block until I saw someone standing in his yard and asked to borrow his phone. I called my husband and had to sit outside and wait for him to get there.

The moral of the story…be careful what you ask for!! LOL! I had just been thinking earlier yesterday how little time I spend OUTSIDE! And how nice it would be to do NOTHING OUTSIDE but instead I had research to do! OR so I thought right!

So I did get my time outside! And I did get to do so with out a book in my hand!!!! Careful what you ask for right!!

Since yesterday I have been up furiously typing away on a report that is due by tonight to my professor! I have done a couple of run throughs to the presentation that I am going to be doing. I am hoping that I do a good job and that I learn some improvement through each presentation I give. I love the idea of being a good speaker and I know that comes through practice. You do not get better at talking to a group of people about your research until you do it! So I am really looking forward to presenting and I hope that as I have with each practice…that  I do a good job!

This reminds me of why I took up debating in college! Because I realize the value of good public speaking. And I do enjoy speaking! 🙂 I think on a scale of 1 to 10 that I do about a 6 or 7 with public speaking. I’m confident but when I first start out I am sometimes nervous and I talk fast! 😛 BAD!! I know!  So now that practice has taught me to limit the “ums” I hope practice will also limit my nervousness and fast talking at first. Typically after a few minutes in, I’m comfortable and things go smoother! But if I feel rushed I tend to lose my train of thought! So Lord willing this presentation will go well!


Off to do more research! Remember be careful what you ask for! 🙂


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