How many of you are planners??? I am an OCD planner…living with multiple calenders/date books/online gadgets etc. Yes I love to plan…but this week I lacked in planning. I did not adequately plan rest into my day, and so today (since yesterday) my body has struggled to function. It is amazing what your body feels like when the pain soars because of lack of rest! I know this…I have experienced this before BUT yet I still often forget how little rest brings great pain! Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia bring havoc to our poor bodies, and when we get little sleep….the torture escalates.

So now I”m planning rest into my weekend!!! I want to get ahead in classes and I hope to do that one short assignment at a time! 🙂 Time management…it is amazing how well our minds know what needs done but how sometimes (at least for me) the last thing I want to do is manage what I am doing. I want to be superwoman, I want to go go go….and yet I cannot physically go go go! I have to rest! Maybe after yet another experience of little rest…maybe I’ll get it 🙂



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