Do You Ever Dream????

Do you ever dream??? I’m up because my nausea is bad (thank you Arava!) and I cannot sleep! It is almost 1am and my eyes are still watching tv and my mind is wandering! The random thought popped into my head….do you dream?

I dream…..I dream of the day I will walk across a stage…the same stage that marked the end of my college journey.. That same stage where my Dad watched me finish college will also be the same stage where I will make the end of my educational career! Wow! Yes I dream of that moment!! That moment…that dream…keeps me going despite the pain, the nausea and the fatigue!

I dream…of running around, as if I had energy and was normal!” Weird right??? I mean I know in my head and my heart that these pains I will probably have for my life….but part of me goes…maybe tomorrow I will wake up and my dream will come true!! Dreaming sometimes it feels sooooo good! Especially tonight when my body hurts sooooo bad! My fingers, arms, knees, ankles…whole body hurt! I had a bad flare last night and I’m still recovering. 😦

I dream…of changing the world! I dream….of seeing the world ( China, Africa (again!), more of Europe, and south east Asia)! As you can tell I dream of travel!

I dream that the words I say today will help someone else out somewhere! You can dream! Dreams keep me going! Dreams keep me positive!

If I didn’t have my faith and my dreams…..I don’t know where I would be, or what I would be doing…hmmm

Dreams….dreams help make good despite bad! Dreams help me be positive versus negative! Dreams bring hope! That hope helps me say that despite my RA/ Lupus and Fibro…I will one day change the world!

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