A Good Rainy Day!

Can a rainy day be good???? Well part of me says when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia then a rainy day is NOT good! But then again…could a rainy day be good???

I’m working on my second week of my new job! Today was a good day…I learned some new things and I got to conduct an interview with an administrator. Def a learning day! So yes in that sense this rainy was good!

I didn’t get my nap though! 😦 BAD! But I didn’t get my nap for a good reason! My hubby was getting promoted for his yellow belt in KSW! Very exciting! So I had to go and watch this moment :)! Proud wife that despite the rain…today was good!

I hope your rainy day despite your RA and Fibro was good!











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