Newest endevour!

Life is crazy right…..and I found out today it might even get crazier! My mind is working in over drive, the planner in me is working in over drive. But then I remind myself to breath, breath in breathe out! I’ve been asked to help tutor statistics!!! I’m excited ….nervous but hopeful that this experience will be extremely beneficial to me and to the student (s) I will be helping!

That said I mentioned crazy life getting crazier! Battling RA, Lupus and Fibro…..tutoring on top of my full time hour weeks (subject to change but for now I’m working ft hours), plus doing my own hw…plus being a wife (not mentioned last on purpose)! It will be tough but I’m hoping this teaches me how to get even better at using my time wisely! I know it is certainly teaching me how precious time is!

Time! It can fly by! I was reminded today that sometimes we find out on a Monday we have a terminal illness….and for this person her life ended Tuesday. Not even two weeks after a dx of a terminal illness. While she had time….some do not! Time is precious….how we spend our time…it matters!

I want to spend time teaching, loving, and laughing….especially in my crazy life!

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