Is My Pain real??

Do you ever (maybe it is just me…) wonder if your pain is real? Do you ever go….hmmmm am I nuts….am I just feeling pain that doesn’t exist??? Random right? But that is a question that I thought about today….my body hurt soooo bad! My fingers, legs, and body in general just felt hit by a car. It feels real…and I almost cried thinking about how much I hurt.

Plus I hear….wow you look great….you must feel great! I’m like wow….at least I look great! Part of me feels like the better I look….the worse I feel. But I try and cover up my pain so that no one sees it…so that I look competent…and capable. Again…the thought crosses my mind….is my pain real?

Then I think of all the people I have talked to who struggle like me…and how sometimes it took soooooo long to get diagnosed. Their treatment possibly hinder because they didn’t look like they hurt…you could not see the hurt!!!!

Is my pain real….yes my pain is VERY real! And yes I might not look in pain….but my pain is real….your pain is real!

This is our journey…to make sense of our real pain!

2 thoughts on “Is My Pain real??

  1. Vic had this same cry…at times she was HAPPY when a new pain was DIAGNOSED because it would justify the pain she felt…She dressed up every day of her life. She looked after herself and people would say “You look so good” – Vic would smile and say “I am glad you think so” Lots of hugs and warm wishes!!

  2. Yes our pain is real. Yes I’ve felt that way and I really think that unless you have this or another invisible disease people just don’t get it. It’s like we need a shirt that says… Lookin good, but feelin bad… do not touch the bear!! lol gentle hugs your way!

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