A Birthday Week!

Yes this week is my birthday week!  WOW!! If you think it was just a short time ago..you are right..my biological birthdate is in October…however! I was adopted into my family, the family that raised me, cared for me, and the family that I call Mom, Dad, and sister! Because of that I have wrestled with celebrating a birthdate to a mother is no longer in my life as opposed to celebrating a day when I became part of my family. For that reason I am now celebrating my birthday in March, March 9th to be exact! The date of birth for official reasons (i.e., legal documents) will remain  October but for all other purposes …March 9th it is!

This week will bring much homework…ahhh!! So back to the writing I go! 🙂



3 thoughts on “A Birthday Week!

  1. I think you have you a great reason to celebrate your adoption birthday! Happy Birthday! Remember, pace yourself while writing and studying. And do not forget to have a cupcake on your special day.

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