First Day of SPRING BREAK!!

First day of Spring Break!! YAY! Of course my first day had to be one when I was sick to my stomach all day and curled up on the couch from pain! Really?? Well not that day I would have wanted but at least I got to stay at home and catch up on some shows…including Dallas (just hit Netflix!!). SCORE! So I have a whole schedule of homework planed! Although today was my ONE day to do ZERO homework! It feels great!

Tomorrow I have some reading to do, a powerpoint to work on, and then a paper to edit. My IRB‘s were approved so that means after Spring Break I can start working on my project! YAY! I’m excited…nervous..scared..but thrilled to be getting to this point in my research. I also will be presenting a chapter to the class on the 27th! WOW! Another ahhh moment but again working on my confidence and of course making sure I’m ready.

I have realized how Rheumatoid Arthritis impacts my eyes….my eyes are soo dry (officially Chronic Dry Eye —-I think Sjogrens). I wake up every morning and my eyes feel like sandpaper. I’m walking around with drops all the time and I have noticed that my vision is changing :(. Isn’t that sad! It is just another note to people who go “oh that is just arthritis.” Rheumatoid Arthritis is NOT just ARTHRITIS! It is so so so so much more!

My Fibromylagia decided to not be my friend today either! Don’t you love waking up in the morning and your hands/feet/legs have such pain!! Ahhh oh pain please leave! I think somedays that is my thought from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed!

But you know it is encouraging that despite pain ….people are accomplishing so much. I have met such inspirational people….people whose stories are so incredible. Maybe one day I can start sharing their stories….I will say those of us with RA/Fibro/and ever other invisible disease….we have strength! We fight hard!



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