Getting Through the Day

Sometimes my first thought some mornings is…how in the world am I making it through today.  Kinda sad right but for me…mornings are so rough. The pain and the fibro fog ….make it just an act of congress to move out of my warm bed (typically because I probably just fell asleep!!).  But I do get up and I push myself to focus, to drive to work, to do homework, and to function.  But I can definitely feel myself doing much better afternoon..and much better in the evenings. Kind of an odd thought but I could not help but wonder…what would the day be like if it always started at noon! 😛

If you are curious to know even more of my randomness, check out my facebook page (support those living with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia). I love the acronym RALF 😛 It is just random highlights from my day, sometimes they are pretty funny…depending on how insane my fibro fog is. 🙂

Off to go do more things today! Hugs!


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